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Rear wiper blade premium multi fit rear wiper with 15 adapters

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Multifunction Rear wiper blade 15 adapters multi-fit rear window wiper blade

Our advantage:

Our adaptors and connectors are stronger and more strength than most other suppliers

Each product batch will be controlled in the laboratory, in which we test the incoming ingredients and outgoing products.

15 adapters fit hundreds of hatchback, SUV, MPV...

We  provide an application list for you ( including car model, car make, and car year)

Multifit Rear Window Wiper Size:9''-16''

Replaceable 15 adapters to fit different vehicles

Common Rear Wiper Arm 

Autozone, wipertec, hi-tech oil, New Coast Lubricants, OTTO wiper blade, BLOOM, OP, DUO, etc. are cooperating with us. Some of them have cooperated with us for over 10 years.  Why they become famous brands, why their sales grow year by year. Products quality is one of the key factors. What you lack and need is a reliable supplier.  A reliable supplier, they keep you stable and guaranteed quality, they offer you a stable price. You don’t need to always change supplier. If you always change supplier, you will lose customers every time when you change products.

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